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Hanahan Heat Pump Repair Service

Does your home have a heat pump? Perhaps you are in need of Hanahan heat pump repair service or a new heat pump. At Air Handlers, we do it all. Not only can we handle all of your heat pump maintenance, service, repair and installation, we also take care of other heating and air conditioning systems. We know that it can be a little unnerving to simply choose a company off the Internet; however, you will find that we are not only one of the best companies for heat pump repair service in Hanahan SC, we are also the most honest.

Heat Pump Installation in Hanahan SC

If you are in need of a new heating system, consider a heat pump. If you’re not sure what that entails, consider the following:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Reduce electricity use for heating by about 50 percent
  • Better at dehumidifying than central air systems
  • Can be used in homes without ducts
  • Available in three types: air-to-air, water source and geothermal

The most common type of heat pump is one that transfers heat between your house and the outside air. Baseboard heaters and furnaces are not energy efficient, at least not anywhere close to as efficient as heat pumps. These units have been used in almost all parts of the country, except for areas that have extended periods with subfreezing temperatures. The air-source technology in use today, though, is so advanced that it is a legitimate alternative for heating in colder regions.

Have Questions? Contact Us Today

At Air Handlers, we provide Hanahan heat pump repair service by our highly-trained, professional and experienced technicians. We provide warranties on our Hanahan heat pump installation of one year and our parts and labor for service, maintenance and repair has a 30-day warranty. We stand behind the work we do and you can rest assured you will never be charged for work you don’t really need. To learn more, get in touch with us at 843-556-4500. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and we want you completely satisfied with our Hanahan heat pump repair service and installation.